Who Am I?

One Woman and The Infinite Space of In Between

Shira Gur. Writer, Storyteller, occasional Blogger. On a Journey from Israel to Nashville, Tennessee and Beyond

Few months ago I quitted my job, left my apartment and got on a plane that took me from Tel Aviv, Israel to Nashville, Tennessee. I didn’t have a plan or clear purpose; all I had was an extremely strong intuition this the right place for me to take my first step in my new chapter in life.

With several belongings and all that I am, I’m here now, in Nashville taking it one step at the time and witnessing how little by little the road ahead unveils itself to me.

Not a resident but also not regular tourist; not a local but not foreign; not lost but not found; not new to journeys and changes but also far from knowing it all.

Looking for the right opportunity that will lead me to the next stage and in the meantime grateful for every moment on this winding road.

I’m navigating my life in the unknown and writing about my journey. Thoughts, sights and sounds; hopes, fears and dreams from the infinite space of in-between.

Join me on my journey and thank you for reading.


4 Comments Add yours

  1. Shira, are you still in Nashville? Do you want to make a life there? Greetings from Munich. I know you from Nashville4ever

    1. Shira says:

      Hey Susanne! Welcome 😊 yes, still in Nashville and still with the same aspirations. Going away soon but plan to come back

  2. Robyn Galton says:

    I love reading your stories…:-)

    1. Shira says:

      Thank you🙂

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