Who Am I?

Writer, Editor, Social Media Community Organizer.

Life is about choices and commitment, but also about embracing the space of in-between. There, in the unknown, the almost, the maybe and the too late we spend so much of our lives. There lie our fears, hopes and dreams; Our nice tries, bold attempts, and some unfinished businesses; those memories we can’t erase, the roads we left in the middle, our deepest secrets and lots of unanswered question. That space, that crack between the worlds can be destructive but also the most constructive because that’s where creativity and wisdom comes from.

I spend much of my time there (maybe too much); it’s a big part of who I am.     

I love thinking about those unanswered. I don’t believe in absolute answers but in endless questions. The more we ask and talk about them the more we expand our world, open our hearts and minds and change our perspective on things. That’s how we learn to listen and listening is the beginning of everything.

I love collecting and telling these stories. We all have that space; we’re all on a journey and got something we want to share with the world or at least with those nearest and dearest to us. I share here pieces of my journey and stories from my personal space as well as some of those I heard along the way. They can be stories of friends and family, books, movies, TV shows or even bedtime stories and anything that inspired me and made me think.

I love listening and help people share this space. The space of in-between can be very lonely and we all need someone to listen and sometimes help us with the interpretation. I help people find their voice and audience by creating on-line communities and fan bases. I believe you don’t need to be a social media expert to have a big group of followers and don’t think there’s one mold that fits all. Instead I believe a social media ‘guru’ needs to understand people and most of all LISTEN.

Thank you for listening and welcome to my space.

Shira Gur

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